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Little Chess Partner

Beyond The Move

The Matrix meets its match! This action packed short-film uses sleek and stylish cinematography, to document merciless assassinations and epic confrontations.

Clay Domination

A whimsical battle between outlandish creatures. This feature is a clay 'stop-motion' short, and it is extremely creative and entertaining.

Pawn: A Love Story

The hero in this tale faces quite a predicament. Smitten with a girl that is out of his league, he desperately fights for her heart. Will love conquer all?

In The Mafia

A chess match between two crime bosses. Diplomacy is implied, but only as a shallow ruse for the violence that befalls members of both crime families.

Wizard′s Chess

Featured in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer′s Stone, this scene finds the three friends doing live battle on the chess board.

SNL Cheer Skit

Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri cheer their hearts out for the Spartan chess team. Originally aired in 1996, this is Saturday Night Live at its best!

Thomas Crowne Affair

Steve MacQueen is one of Hollywood′s great actors. Here, the subject of a fireside chat with his companion turns to chess and a game ensues.

Be Ye Gentlemen?

Two elegantly dressed men sit down to a game of chess. A reserved and dignified game begins... Will the gloves stay on as the battle plays out?

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